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and so shall we ever be with the Lord. 1 Thessalonians 4:16,17 / KJV
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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

YAY! My first entry!

OK, this one will be short and sweet since it is late and I have my husbands grandparents coming over for dinner tomorrow:)

My kiddies are Hannah and Tommy Ray. The best kids in the world:) They joined a talk like a pirate contest over the weekend. It was so fun!!! They had a great time. I am mostly going to talk about today ... Just wanted to throw in a photo op:) lol.

Today was a bust, lol. I took my son to the dentist. He did GREAT! He usually throws monster fits and freaks out. He sat like a big boy, opened wide and did everything they said, no fuss. I was FLOORED!!! WOW! And the one time I forget my other eye ... my camera!!! I just thought of that this very second!!! Darnit! I was so proud of him. I knew he had a cavity. ((bad mom moment) :( . I had tried to get him in earlier ... but like I said, he freaked every time before. They agreed that it was from him nursing at night as a baby but would be easy to fix. WHEW! So we have an appointment for that in late July. Hannah is to thank for easing his nerves. She told him a story about them cleaning his teeth and getting treasure from the nurses drawer. SO, he was ready for his prize:). They love junky mess!!! Why do I worry so much at Christmas??? Hmm....

Hannah, my sweet girl, has very bad eczema. We have tried everything to clear it up. Her hands itch and she digs them until they bleed every day!!! EVERY day up until yesterday. My mom saw somewhere to use zinc. I have tried everything .. even though it said ti was for 'drying out' things. I figured what the hay! Nothing else is working. On a wish and a prayer we tried it. Her hands look awesome today! I can see real skin! REAL SKIN!!! not a bloody raw swolen anything!!! I stress and worry so much about them. She cries and asks why she has it and why God gave it to her. It breaks my heart. It made her legs itch worse, but seems to be doing wonders for her fingers. I am curios to see how they are in the morning. I hope she does not itch them in her sleep. FINGERS CROSSED.

OK, enough of my rant. That is enough about today. Two big achievements. Good trip to the dentist and vast improvement in Hannah's hands.

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  1. I am So glad something worked for her hands. She is such a sweet girl. I think it would break my heart if noah asked me a question like that.


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