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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Christmas in July

I, as well as several other friends have been spreading a little Christmas cheer this July:). I found some paper and things when buying for my secret sister. Her favorite holiday is Christmas (as well as mine). I guess buying for her put me in the "Christmas Spirit" so to speak. I had Sooo much fun making these cards. A cafe mom'er was selling this set and I fell in love. I adore snowmen. It has not snowed any here in 10 years. It was a rare occasion and I built one pathetic snowman that day:). I wish one day for the kids to be able to see snow, make snow angles, go sledding, and just have that fun memory. I remember sledding down the hills on black trash bags. It was some of the most fun I ever had:)!!! OK, enough daydreaming and back to our 93% July summer day:) **sigh**
Stamps: 2000 SU Thanks Snow Much
PP: Imagine That
Medium: Ink, watercolor pencils, glitter glue

Hannah pulled her 4th tooth last night. the tooth fairy was unprepared and did not have her gold dollar .. so we locked it tight in a thermos and are going to give it to Felicity :) tonight. She stayed up from 8 ~ 10 trying to pull it. It was sweet. After I put Bub to bed we ate lemon ices and watched Freaky Friday. She giggled and snuggled to me the entire time. It was fun. After her mouth froze I was able to finish pulling the barely hanging on tooth. She went into crazy happy running and showing daddy .. who was totally freaked and would not even touch it or wiggle it to start with:). Tommy Ray was just as excited about it being loose but after the 4th time and her getting 4 prizes .. he desperately wants his to wiggle.

Enough running my mouth. It is a lazy Sunday. I need coffee and need to make myself wake up and do come chores. Hannah has 2 Dr. appointments this week. I hope and pray that we will be able to find some allergy and eczema relief for her. Please keep her in your prayers also. Thank you! Hope you are all having a blessed Sunday.


  1. Loving the snowmen! Can i get some images of that? My pastor's wife collects snowmen and I'd love to send her a Winter in July card!

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  3. Oh those are just too cute!

    Kudos on pulling teeth. I'd be as far away as possible! In fact, I had Vivian's teacher pull her last tooth! And boy, was I thankful!!!

  4. LOOOVE the card!! :) I totally know what you mean about the snow. It's been a looong time. Well this past winter for about 15 min there were snow flurries falling down, so Landon did see that. :) YAYY for her Hannah's tooth falling out. I hope she enjoys what the tooth fairy brings her.

  5. I'm not a big fan of snow but since I live in Michigan, I have no choice. I am however, a huuuuge fan of snowmen and these cards are adorable!!

    It must be the heat...both of us are thinking of cooler weather!

  6. Love, love love!!!

    And the pics of the kiddos are so incredibly cute, too! : )

  7. Trash bags make the best and fastest sleds!!! : )

  8. Beautiful! I love Snowmen! By the way, I love the look of your blog. It looks really nice, great job!

  9. OK...someone's been busy!! Hey, great page and you've got your name on the pics! Yay!!! I experimented on mine and made a new lame one. Take a look and tell me what you think. It's on my other Stampin' blog. BTW, your kids are so cute and your cards, as always, are beautiful!

  10. I love the dumpy snowman...too cute! Congrats on your DD losing another tooth...we have lots of gold coins in Canada (our loonie)...she should come here!

  11. The card is so cute! Getting me into the holiday card making spirit! LOL! So happy for Hannah! I pray that she gets some relief this week, how irritating she must feel.

  12. OKay, first....WHERE did you get your new profile? That is SO my style! I love it! please tell!!!

    LOVE that second card you made. Its so warm and cheery!

    CONGRATS HANNAH!!!! I remember losing teeth. I was always scared to pull them. Once, Dad pinned me to the floor and knocked it out. It was hanging on by a thread. LOL I was so mad at him. Then I felt silly when it didn't hurt.

    Good luck at the docs!


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