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Friday, July 25, 2008

no cards .. just kiddies!!

Last night was the first night all week that Tommy was home. He is working again tonight:( We miss him. He put on one of Hannahs wigs and was goofing off. I almost peed on mys elf from laughing so hard. :) Hannah is in a 'rolling eyes' stage and Tommy Ray is copying everything she does .. so they were full of that!!! Then Laughs!!! Lots of laughs! :) it was a fun evening:)

Today the kids spent a lot of time drawing and playing. Hannah is such a sweetheart and, to me, an amazing little artist. Iwill have to get some of hers out and make a larger post showing off her art. I have LOADS of pics she has drawn. All different and so detailed! She loved using my watercolor pencils today.

While she was drawing, Tommy Ray was messing. I looked over and he had pencils stuck in his ears. CAmera already in hand, I snapped a show then told him not to do that, he could hurt himself. Then he threw his pic saying it was stupid and he was MAD. I got him to laugh and saved the day:) Hope to create later. HAve a great weekend!!!


  1. Okay, the lil man pics are SO CUTE! How funny. He was MAD! lol! Noah is so much younger, but he will throw something and say, NOOOooooo. And then look to see if we are reacting. Your lil man is a goof! Go DH! Getting in on the fun! What a great dad! And not only you think of Hannah as a good artist. She really IS a budding artist! I saw those Bellas! Wow!

  2. Your family is just precious Heather! Your daughter's artwork is wonderful, and your little guy is a cutie too! :D

  3. So cute! Your daughter is a very good artist. Funny story really fast: When my 4 year old colors, he pretends he is hosting his own show and commentates on the coloring process, and how sometimes little boys just CAN'T sit still or listen for very long (his words) Thought I'd share, kids are so funny!

  4. Looks like you guys had a blast. How fun! Hannah is a great artist; love the fairy she drew. Amazing! Tommy Ray is so cute! Thanks for your kind comments on my blog & I'd be delighted for you to link to me. Thanks! :0) Still can't get that song out of my head, LOL.

  5. OH MAN!! Tommy Ray is like that too?? Landon will do the same thing. Looks like you guys had a blast with Tommy home! :)

  6. lucky girl, i don't even have water color pencils!!!!!!! hannah's a great little artist & aren't the boys such clowns?!

  7. I"m SOOOO glad you liked the Tag Book...I didn't post it cause I wanted it to be a surprise for you...but now that you've received it, I will post a pic of it...Okay, so admit knew it was me, huh?! LOL! My cards gave it away, huh!?! *muah*

  8. Great pics of your adorable family, it's nice to share 'goofy' things, I think sometimes life gets in the way and we forget how much fun we can have. I've sent you a mail, you better get a coffee ready, its a long one lol!
    lv gill x

  9. Awe...they are cuties and strange like mom and dad!

  10. SO CUTE!! They are so funny! I would have had to have gotten a pic of the pencils-in-ears too -- like when E got in the dryer.

  11. And I don't like people calling my niece and nephew strange!!! : )


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