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Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Challenge and a little bit more

I finally got to complete a challenge this week. ! Yay me! :) It is for Allison. The requirement was to use a large (wide) ribbon. I had a whole other idea in mind when i started this card, but this is what I ended up with. I used another of my new bellas. Merrybella, Isn't she fun? I was so excited to use her. My friend Carol stamped a few images before mailing it to me and warned me that I may have trouble stamping her. I DID!!! UGH!!! I cut her up! GASP!!! I heard you all do it! :) lol! I know, I know!!! It's horrible!!! But it had to be done! :) and believe it or not it works 100% better this way. So.... Don't fret my bella lovers. I will still take good care of her. :)

My Riley I made this morning. I love him and have not used him in a long time. i think he is my favorite one. Coffee and a treat in hand. Yep, my kind of relaxation!!! I used my bic markers to color him in and love the way it turned out. Swiss dots CB folder and he was pretty much done. I also used my cricut to cut out the scalloped edge and he is cut and pieced on to the white cs.

Hannah is miserable today with her eczema. It has me frustrated and sad. She has been burning and itching all day. she rubbed it so much this evening it is raised and bumpy and all flared up. Please remember her in your prayers still. It is much more than just a little itch. It is literally driving her crazy. Iam always telling her that God is going to heal her when I put on her meds. I try to every time like the pastor told me to, but I sometimes forget. Yesterday Tommy Ray was in the kitchen telling her over and over "Jesus is healing you Hannah" It gave me chills b/c he never really hears me say it. I asked him what he said and he just kept repeating it. i came back fromt he pantry and he said it once more .. paused and kindof rolled his eyes and then said "or he's gonna turn you into a mountain or sumpin'" then shook his head and walked away:)

They have also completed their first week of homeschooling. It was more practice and an introduction back to it ... but they shocked the socks off of me! they did great! I am so proud and very excited for the year ahead. As a prize for Hannah, we bought the the new movie out called Ariel's Beginnings. They got to watch it in her room the other night and have a camp out. they really enjoyed it. I had to sleep in her twin bed b/c I was afraid to leave them in there alone ((i was sneaky and they do not know I did.)) It was fun for them. I had a mess though:). I think I used 10 blankets total to make it soft enough:) lol!!!

She has almost lost her 'bunny tooth' .. ANY day now! And we have a tropical storm Hanna out there a brewin. UGH! but she thinks its cool that it is her name, lol. thanks for visiting me tonight. i have a lot of gals to catch up on and go see what you have been up to. It has just been a few days since I have been off the computer ... but I have missed so much!!!


  1. Love the idea of folding over the ribbon (I am so stealing it!). Great bella card (and great Riley card)...two of my faves!

  2. Your cards are georgous!! I love the pics of the kids. Your back! Yay!

  3. The cards are beautiful. What do you mean you cut her up? I'm not familiar with bellas except the images you sent me. I will keep Hannah in my prayers that God will heal her!! Awww a camp out sounds so much fun!! :) Especially with pallettes of blankets on the floor! Ahh :) :)

    I hope you are doing better! I love ya Mama!!! :) :) BIG HUGS

  4. Poor sweet Hannah. I hope she's feeling better soon. But she looks great in the pics! And your cards are gorgeous...of course!

  5. Cute cards! I love love love that bella! I want her!!!

    So sorry to hear that Hannah's having a rough time. When I was pregnant with my last one, I had exzema really bad on my hands. for almost a year straight I had open sores on my hands. I felt like a leper! They gave me steriod cream and it helped but I have to religiously put lotion on. Lucky for me I started selling Avon about the same time, and found Avon's Moisture therapy Intensive hand cream, and it really helps keep my hand moisturized so they don't get as bad (I still have to struggle with it) anyway I'll be praying for your sweet little girl, because Exzema is no fun, no fun at all. :(

  6. Great cards, great blog! TR is such a sweet little brother. I can not imagine what your little angel goes through every day. I am remembering her!

  7. I love your cards! The ribbon card for Allison's challenge works great! The kids look really happy to be camping and watching a movie together! =)
    My prayers are with you! =)

  8. Great work as usual! :) Hope Hannah is feeling better soon...sending my prayers and hugs!

  9. Poor Hannah! I hope that she is doing better! Glad to hear that the schooling is going well! :D


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