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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back To School

Challenge that is. I will be sharing some work the kids have done later in the week. It has been such a great week so far. This year looks like it will be a lot easier than last! I did find time over the last few days to complete Allison's Suggestive Sunday Challenge. It was a back to school themed paper craft. I think I have always made a card for this challenge .. but I was already planning to make a reward book for the kids so I took this challenge to use as my motivation to get it done:). I used another foam stamp that was intended for fabric to complete the theme. i love the way they look and I think the kids will like them also. I made them small so it will not take long to fill up with stickers so they can get a treat:). Also, I have a few friends whose kids have just started back to school. They have no idea what to do with themselves, lol. I thought of what I would do if I had a break. It included cleaning, cooking, and crafting .. the same things I do anyway:). So I went into fantasy mode. What would you want to do after a full Summer with the kids and finally having a little free time??? This card is dedicated to you moms who are glad school has started again and need a break:) Also for Allison's challenge:) lol. Hope you like it and hope all the kiddies had a wonderful first day back to school!
I have some wonderful friends who seem to know when I need a boost. Cass sent me some lovely papers and images that I have used on these cards. I also got some sweet things from my friend Christa. The thing I loved the most was the sweet card she sent me, words of love and friendship and encouragement. I love my mamas. They always make me smile and touch my heart. I am so blessed.

One more thing for the night .. HANNAH LOST HER BUNNY TOOTH!!! :) lol. She is one excited girl! let me tell you!!! She put her tooth in a Thermos that seals tight so the tooth fairy does not take it yet. She wants to show my mom, Granny and her daddy who had to work late tonight.
Her eczema has been flaring up bad. She complains a lot. It has even been welting up? I can't figure what is going on. Please continue to pray for her. I appreciate it so much.

Have a blessed week.


  1. Terrificly cute and a great idea for your kids! I will have to see how tomorrow morning goes (our first morning classes evah!) before I need an "incentive plan" too!

  2. Very cute notebooks and what a great idea! Poor sweetie with the eczema :0(, my youngest went through that, no fun! If it is any help my dd is 18 now and rarely has a breakout, the Dr's told me she would eventually outgrow it, and as she got older it did improve little by little each year. As for a cure, nothing we tried seemed to work... we did figure out what some of her "triggers" were, sorry I wish I had some great advice. I will pray for her. Have a great day!

  3. WOW those are some beautiful cards! :) I looove that blue and brown paper, it's so elegant and pretty. YAYY for the lost tooth. :) :)

    I will keep Hannah in my prayers. BIG HUGS!

  4. Okay so as always I love your cards.. the Fantasy one is just gorgeous and I love the dress form image! Too cute! Great work.

    So we battle eczema with our daughter too... we've tried everything. We finally found something that works and even though it's totally not what the doctor recommended he says to stick with it because it is working so well. We apply Eucerin Calming Creme to it a couple times daily. I'm amazed with the results.
    I'll pray for her though, it's no fun!! Good luck!!

  5. Hey Heather!!! I thought I posted this on another comment, but wanted to make sure you know that you won my challenge on my blog for the QKD contest!!! I need your mailing addy so Vicki can get your winnins' out to ya! (lol....)

    you can email it to me at THANKS!!!

  6. Great books Heather! Super cute! oh, Hannah looks so cute showing us her tooth is gone. =)
    Have a great day!!

  7. Wow you have been busy! What wonderful projects! I love coming and looking at your crafts you do such a GREAT job on everything! You are a pro!!! Sending up prayers for Hannah that poor little thing!
    Hugs~ Kim

  8. poor hannah......wish i had some miracle potion for her. she is too cute to have to endure the pain.


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