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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

House Mouse and a lil long winded ... :o)

I was the administrator of a House Mouse group on Cafe Mom months ago. The group changed to a Cute Critters Club, life got crazy and I let her choose another for her administrator. She gave up ownership because of things in her life and the group went on. Again, months later, I was asked to by the new owner to be her administrator. I had been going through rough times and all the problems with Hannah I was discouraged and confused. I was even thinking about stopping cardmaking altogether (gasp) but I was at that point. I was praying and thinking and worrying Saturday .. then I got her email. How funny on the day I was thinking of stopping my hobby I was asked to be the administrator out of the blue?!? It was God letting me know that I was not listening to him .. but spending time feeling sorry for myself and blaming myself for things I have no control of. I was punishing myself I guess. I was not going to do it, but something told me to try. I came up with a few challenges, got a few friends involved with me and have been having a lot of fun:). She asked me to become the owner now since she already has another group she is owner of and does not have as much time for the group as she wishes. I am excited about it:)!! It is for any cute critter. My poor house mouse have been ignored lately so I decided to get them out and play today. This is made from the sketch I gave the girls to go by on the group. I am also submitting it to the house mouse challenge my friend Gill introduced me to:). Thanks Gill!! I hope I did it right! It was so hard for me to figure out the cost of the card. The paper pack has over 300 pages in it. All my stuff is usually on sale when I purchase it, so the pack was only $10. I used a small piece of the paper so it was under a penny for that. The brads were in a set also on sale. I will guess a penny each for them. The bazzil card stock was on sale .. I used half a sheet, so maybe .30. The ribbon was a RAK. I used crayola color pencils for the image .. I will guess and say that it cost was definitely under $0.50 to make the card!! WOW !! that is amazing to me, lol!! :) Thanks for the challenge. It was fun. Cant wait to play again!


  1. wow! you did it, well done my friend, great card, the image is super cute and love how you tied the ribbon at the ends, fabulous 'cheap' card
    lv n hugs
    Gill x

  2. p.s. don't forget to link your card on the HM blog
    lv Gill x

  3. Congratulations Heather!!! I am trying really hard to get myself in on a design team but nothing yet...

  4. Terrific! Great idea with the ribbon!

  5. it's not a design team .. just a little group on cafe mom... more for fun than anything :)sorry for the misunderstanding !!

  6. STOP CARDMAKING?!? phew, glad you didn't =) Isn't funny how GOD sometimes remind us how HE is there for us =) Cute, cute card and love this image and on figuring out to make a card, man, it is a challenge...LOL!

  7. You are far too talented too quit, missy!!! I'm glad that you heard that soft whisper, and you listen. sometimes God has to hit us over the head before we hear him! I'm praying for you, and I'm going to join your group! :)

  8. Thank goodness you were listening! You would have been terribly missed in the card world :0(
    God works in our lives in funny ways sometimes! This card made me giggle out loud, and I really needed that after today, so....
    "Thank you Heather" now I can end my day on a lighter note.

  9. Sometimes life gets tough...I believe it's those times that we come through and are able to look back at too see what we learned from it and how we grew. It's sometimes hard to thank God for the tough times....especially when we are going through them. But...keep looking to Him for guidance and you will always have it :) It sounds like you are having some YOU time and that is important. Love the is wonderful. Stamp when you can and enjoy yourself. Hugs xxx

  10. I'm so glad you are back in the critters club!! :) :) You are far too talented to quit card making and I'm glad God was telling you that! :) GREAT job on the card.

  11. Isn't neat how God works? There have been many times I have almost quit making jewelry. I think when you are the creative type you tend towards discouragement. Anyway, God always seems to send just what I need to show me that I should keep going. He's so good!

  12. Very cute, one of my favorite HM's. God works in funny ways, glad you aren't giving up stamping. Glad you could play and hope to see you next week.

  13. good for you heather! i will see if i have critters to join! lovely cards as usual!

  14. I'm speechless. Will email you.

  15. Fab card, this is such a cute image! xx

  16. I also could have used all those umbrellas the other day -- needed a canoe to get through the hospital parking lot!


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