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Saturday, September 6, 2008

when you think things could not possibly get worse ...

they do. This morning Hannahs cold was getting worse. Fevers and colds make her eczema worse. I hve used all the 'bad' meds for the 2 weeks permitted. (steroid and protopic) as well as benadryl and lotions. I thought with her having wounds i would use the bacitracin i have used in the past. It is a neosporin type of antibacterial ointment. I put a small amount on her patches on her cheeks, her arms, and her finger. i went to the pantry to clean up and things like that. She came in there only a few minutes later and said "Mommy, I feel funny". I looked down at her and my heart / stomach sank. She looked like the elephant man. For real. I freaked, grabbed her, the keys, and Tommy grabbed Tommy Ray. I also gave her a dose of attarax as we went out the door ((stronger than benadryl or zyrtec)). She started looking a little better the closer we got, but still very swollen and welted. Her pediatrician is directly across from the hospital. i know the symptoms to look for when it comes to anaphalactic shock and things. She was not doing any of those things. We went to her ped and they took her in right away. He gave her a thorough look over. went over what she had eaten and done. He feels certain it is a reaction to the bacatracin. He said allergies can grow and develop over time .. the more you are in contact with the allergen. ((which I know but never thought something like this could develop)) . She also had a tootsie pop that her grandma gave her. Read in full, no allergy warnings. He said it is possible that it was the lolly pop. Red dye? but is more certain that it is the ointment. I am so stressed. She scared me so bad this morning. You have no idea! I will be researching and trying to figure out what to do for my baby. Foods, everything. I will not let this win. God has his hand on her and I know he will protect her. I will be around, just no where near as much. Email me from my profile pg or I get comments sent to my email as well.
Please keep praying for her. I appreciate you all so much.
This pic is when we got home and she looks 100% better than she did. you would not have recognized her.


  1. Poor punkin! I hope you are able to find something for her. If her doc cant figure it might need to find one who can! It is just crazy. Take care, all of you!

  2. I'm sooo sorry! Poor baby. I'll be lifting both of you up in prayer. Nothing is to big for God to handle. Keep faith, I'm so sorry for you precious baby! :(

  3. Ooohh, I will be in prayer about this. So sorry she feels so yucky!!!

  4. Oh, Heather! I'm praying for Hannah. May God give you His wisdom to know what to do. May He bring healing to Hannah. Oh, Lord, please heal.

  5. Poor little sweetie! I hope she feels better soon, I know as a mother I would rather have something awful happen to myself before I would see my baby in pain!

  6. Bless both your hearts. I'm so sorry that both of you are going through such tough stuff! Hang in there and I'll say a prayer for you both. Hugs to both of you! Best, Curt

  7. heather-i hope you get to the bottom of what is causing hannah's unconfortable skin condition. (detergent? new pillow? bedding? comforter?)poor baby.......wish i could help or have a remedy that works.

  8. That sucks! I hope you figure this out because no one should have to suffer like that...

  9. Oh, poor baby! And Poor you! My prayers are going up for you all!

  10. Oh dear! I'm soooo sorry!!! I will definitely be thinking and praying for your little darling!!! Hugs!

  11. : (

    Hope the meds help and that she feels better soon.

    Give her kisses for us!

  12. I feel so bad for Hannah and I know it's hard on a mom, too. I pray that the docs will find something to give her comfort soon.


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