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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Oh Where is My Hairbrush??? ...

"Oh where is my hairbrush ~ Oh where oh where oh wheeeeeere is my hairbrush??" ~ "Why do you need a hairbrush you don't have any hair!!!" One of my favorite Veggie Tale songs!!:) lol! I cannot watch a snoodles tale! It makes me cry every time!!! The way they tell how God made us all special despite what others say .. how heavy our load gets. He will take it from us, he gave us the talents we possess, he loves us and cares for us .. He Made Us! All special and unique!
Ok, no veggie tales for me for a while :)
I made this card for the House Mouse Monday Challenge. I have to say I love LOVE that challenge!!! And the ladies there. Such an amazing group. This week was to use junk on your card. Well, I took that literally and used actual junk! you know the lid that comes off the coffeemate canister??? ((of COURSE it has to be coffee related, lol!!!)) I should have been saving them all my life!!! On a whim I saved one.. I often do but throw them away after a day. I saved it for a few.. and low and behold the HM challenge! I used my cricut and cut out this thick, shiny, pretty snowflake! Would you ever guess it was junk? Will you look at your junk differently from now on?? I bet you will!!! :) lol.

My hubby went in late today so we took the kids out in the yard to play a bit. It was so nice and Hannah's allergies have not been too bad. They had a blast!!! I have no idea what Hannah is wearing, lol. She is creative and eclectic like her mama. :) Enjoy the pics. Have a great night.


  1. You win the challenge for the most creative use of junk! You used REAL junk - that is so fantastic and clever!

    A great card - the coloring work is beautiful too! Thanks so much for playing:D


  2. Oh great. Now I'll NEVER get that song out of my head! And don't even get me started on the Snoodle's tale. To think that The Almighty has MY picture on his refrigerator! *sigh*

    Ok, Lovin' the junk snowflake. You're too creative. I'd have, oh I don't know, wadded up a piece of gum wrapper and stuck it on with a glue dot and called it done. LOL!

    And look at those babies! They're adorable, and I love Hannah's outfit... blue and brown, GREAT combo!

  3. i must admit, when i was looking at your card i thought you had forgot the junk until i read your post!! Fantastic and very creative work. xx

  4. You may have convinced me to switch from my liquid coffee creamer LOL. We are on a Madame Blueberry kick here at my house. And you know, that Hairbrush song has replaced The Cheeseburger Song in my head, so thanks!

  5. Girl, I always knew we were kindred spirits! AHHH! I am in love with that veggie tales song, and I, too, cry EVERY time I watch a snoodles tale. ::sigh::

    Anyway, You used your cricut to cut that? WOW! I am intrigued! YES~! I will look at my "junk" much differently from now on!

  6. Love the card and your kids are so darn cute!
    Hugs~ Kim

  7. Beautiful card and guess who'll be saving the tops of Coffee Mate jars now (lol).
    hugs Heather xx

  8. I love the pics of the kids!!! :)

    I can smell the coffee now!! hee hee hee. Love your card. HELLO!!! TOTALLY CUTE is more the words. How are you doing today sweetie? I'm still in my pj's..and getting ready to play in my craftroom -- again!

  9. So glad to hear that Hannah is better. OK, my favorite is the Mexican song that's being translated...that one cracks me up every time!!! Great card, Heather!

  10. Wow that is what we call junk...I to will use my junk from now on.Oh your kids are gorgous.And i love the card great job once again

  11. Uhuh...thanks a lot. Now I have that song stuck in my head! I'm a huge veggie tales fan and my absolute most favorite song was from Daniel and the Lion's Den story..."we can use him for a table to play Scrabble on or tie him up and beat him up and throw him out of Babylon!" my parents and I use to sing it together each of us taking a part. Made for quite a joyful trip to church!
    Anyways...awesome card! I'm still trying to figure out which "junk" to use on mine! LOL!

  12. This card is FABULOUS!!!! I love the way your creative mind works...especially when coffee...or ahem, coffee products...are around:o) Your snowflake is stunning!!! I may have to convince hubby to buy some Coffemate from time to time:o)

    Also wanted to say, you have two beautiful children. And, I actually like Hannah's outfit:o) The royal blue and brown color combo goes together beautifully. Might have to make a card following this color scheme:o)

    I hope you are soon feeling better!! Big, healthy, get well hugs coming your way:o)


  13. LOL! YOur card is just adorable and so are your children!

  14. Great idea! The card is adorable, so are the kids :)

  15. great card! i love how you used your junk! oh my...more stuff to save now!

  16. Beautiful job -- no "junk" in sight! Martha Kay

  17. Pretty card ;)
    Thanks for joinig the HM&F Challenge :D

    X Janneke

  18. Love your card! What a great idea to turn junk into this lovely snowflake! Must be all that coffee that makes you so clever! (I think I'm going to get a cup myself rightaway, it might help me on the following challenge...)


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