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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Some Wonderful things that made me happy today Ummmm .. YAYYYYY!!!!!! :) WOOT!!! Mwah!!!

A card I made for Hannah :)

This AMAZING rak from Catherine. I am so in love with the penguin images she uses and was so kind to send me. Thank you SOOO much! i am so excited. And I ADORE this card. It will be part of my Christmas decor! :) Framed and in my kitchen for me to enjoy:)!

A story Hannah wrote about Thanksgiving:) She saw a thing on Noggin a few years back talking about turkeys and thanksgiving. At the end Moose A Moose said "see you at Thanksgiving". She almost fell out. She had since then on banned turkey from her life:) lol. I have no idea what will happen when she figures out everything else. She cried reading her report about tigers and how they eat deer and pigs. Oh my poor girl, lol.

Look at that proud smile!!! He has been doing actual worksheets and computer games to teach him his letter sounds and letter recognition. He wanted to write today, but Hannah and I were in the middle of something. I quickly wrote out his AT words he had been practicing and left a blank for him to copy them. He even came over to me and read it to me. I am so proud :)

My sweet and beautiful little girl at doing her schoolwork. ((this was a fun sheet:) ))


  1. WOW! Heather, you're doing a FABulous job homeschooling them. Your kids are just too cute and tell Hannah that I'm thankful for roast beef also...hahahaha.

    What a cute card you made for Hannah, that is just the cutest image. wink*

    And you're welcome, i'm glad you like it

  2. Oh I love your sweet little Bella. WTG with the homeschooling. Not the easiest option, by far, but SOO worth it (spoken as a formerly homeschooled child). Have a fantastic day, girlie!

  3. Oh my! Hanna's thankful list just cracked me up! Your kids are ADORABLE!! And so smart!

    Lovin' the card, Jealous of the RAK. *smile*

  4. What a great card! That is so sweet of you to make that for Hannah! Oh your poor girl with the turkey story! And your little guy is so adorable!
    Hugs~ Kim

  5. If you need any preschool / grade 1 worksheets there are a TON at ThePrintablePreschool.


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