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and so shall we ever be with the Lord. 1 Thessalonians 4:16,17 / KJV
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Thursday, January 22, 2009


When telling my mom about this stamp, I have called the poor thing Matilda Muffinhead every time! it is Muffinbread. lol. :) *blush* I just got her the other day so this is my very first card with her. I see her in much brighter colors, but I chose to use the bella color challenge for this card instead. i have to admit, I was worried at first. I do like her all complete. I added gold doodles to most of the burgundy. Bic markers and prismacolor paper for this card. And that is it.

We got snow 2 days ago. SNOW? at the beach you say? yup! It was 29 degrees yesterday afternoon. That is really unheard of here. It is normal to get a cold day here or there, but we have had a very cold week. it has been in the low teens some nights. Burrrr. It sleeted, hailed, and then started snowing. This made homeschooling nearly impossible! The kids went out and got the snow from the back of the car to make a snowball each. And we made a beach style snowman, lol. Hope you get a kick out of our 'snow' pictures. I feel so bad for you all who live in the states that get 4 inches of snow and up... snowed in for days, weeks. I would lose it. I don't like being cold. I don't like being hot. Goldie Locks said it best I like it when it is a happy medium "Just Right!" :o)

Remember the Ollie stamps I got for Christmas? I have not had much of a chance to play with them. I have RAKed a lot of images though. I sent some to my beautiful friend Cass, and she made the most super duper card with it. I LOVE her card!!!! You have to check it for yourself and give her some love!!! Go see it Here!!!


  1. I LOVE your snowman! SO awesome! And much less work than lugging a huge snowball to put on top of another one, lol! I am so glad you all got snow! What a great experience for you guys! Esp the kiddos! Love the pics! I am impressed! I would have had a hard time with those colors! The mustardy color is not one I ever use. I usually just keep it for scrap! NICE job! She is So sweet!

    And, awe! Thanks for the link! You are SO sweet. Hugs!

  2. I saw Cass's card... very very very cute!! It makes me want to buy an ollie.
    And your muffinbread card is adorable! Great work!!

  3. Haha! I love your snowman! So cute! Go check out my blog. I have a suprise for you :)

  4. Oh that is so funny, they had to scrap the snow off of things to make snowballs. I'll send you some snow if you would like. We have plenty here in PA. Love the muffinhead card.

  5. Lovely card Heather! Love muffinhead...hee hee! :) Ewwww dislikes snow VERY much...and I live in WI so we get it all of the time! Ick! Stay warm!
    hugs~ Kim

  6. I love your card, so great how you popped out her flowers!


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