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and so shall we ever be with the Lord. 1 Thessalonians 4:16,17 / KJV
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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

For all the blessings I cannot see, Thank you Lord.

Hey all!!! I just wanted to stop in very fast and tell you why I have been mia. Hannah has not been feeling well. We have been fighting, praying, seeking answers ... many Drs... lots of things. God has revealed many things to us this week and opened many doors. We actually in 2 days got an apt at Duke Allergy and Airway Center in NC. The lady on the phone told me that she only had April 21. I told her all God was doing, how he was moving, and how sick she was. I did not talk for a minute and she said "Well hunny, this must be God b/c this apt was not here a minute ago!" We got records, medicines and everything we could think of and set out on our LONG trip today. We left at 6:30 am, went to the Dr, ate lunch and came home ... and got home at 8:30 pm. The kids are tired, but we are all thanking God for this day. I will tell you what he told us is something we suspected already, but the dr.s we asked about it said it was not so and would not test her. He said with the blood work, elimination diet, medicines, creams, dust mite preventions, humidifiers, and all the things we have tried were not working b/c the cause of the problem looks to be a skin infection. He also has set up an apt with a dermatologist there on Hannahs birthday (end of March).. but when this dr gets back in the country he is going to try to work her in sooner. If God had not opened this apt and we kept feeding ehr nothing, slathering on medicines and all we were doing it could have caused her serious problems. I am off to get them ready for bed. I am tired myself. Love you all and miss you very much.

HUGS!!! Thanks for praying and please keep Hannah on your list until we see the dermatologist and these antibiotics start working.


  1. That is absolutely wonderful that there was an opening for an appointment! Thank you God!!! I will continue to pray for sweet Hannah!! Give her a big hug from me. :) BIG HUGS! Love ya !!!

  2. God works in mysertious ways. I'm glad that things are on the way to improvement. That is such a blessing!! Thank you Jesus. Still praying for you and Hannah. Love you!

  3. so gald you got to see the doctor now hoping everything works ok for hannah, she and your family are in my thoughts!!

  4. God is the greatest physician. Poor girl, but it looks like you all might finally be getting some answers!

  5. You know my stand, Heather.. I have to say - that's kinda spooky! I am so glad that you got in to see them, that the drive was worth it and that you are finally getting some real answers! I look forward to seeing that beautiful smiling face as soon as Hannah is feeling better - give her hugs from us! And one for you, as well - you are an incredible mom!

  6. Heather I am glad 'someone' is finally listening! I do hope that Hannah gets better with this soon. Thinking of you both! ((hugs))

  7. I'm praying for you and that sweet little girl. I am SO happy that things are moving now!! How frustrating it must have been. You are an amazing mom, Hannah is very blessed to have you.


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