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Thursday, April 23, 2009

What a day it has been

This is just a little update on the fires here in North Myrtle Beach. If you go down to the video of the homes in Barefoot Resort you can see a slide of the damage done to homes. Tommy said it is even more devastating than the video shown. It is still not under control and they are still working to contain it. Thank you for your continued prayers and thoughts and comments.

I spent most of today watching the news, waiting for my husband to call and check in. Talking to my mom, keeping the kids calm. i know they could tell the tension and were VERY out of sorts today. It was just a whirlwind of lots of emotions today in my house. Hannah completed a (BAD) day of homeschool around 2:30. She was mad and ill most of the day. I stood my ground though and getting them to bed without a show or treat was much easier than I expected it to be. Maybe tomorrow they will mind and not backtalk so they will get their bedtime show and snack? Only time will tell :). During my breaks and I needed from the news and the kids I was able to make these cards.
My funny, beautiful, amazing friend Carol sent me a birthday package earlier in the week. It was a huge surprise I was totally not expecting .. full of lots of goodies! :) Including a JAVABUGG stamp :) YAY ME!!! I literally screamed and did a happy dance / jump when it fell from my envie! I was totally not expecting that at all! I got lots of coffee themed gifts for my birthday this year from my dear sweet friends and family. I am a very happy 30 year old lady :) lol! So, I finally inked up and played with these babies. My cards are on the simple side, but considering everything going on I am sure you will overlook it. My sisaroo Becky was reading my blog (or trying to)this morning. She called me this evening with a request.. to change the color of my font because she could not see it and it hurt her eyes to try :) lol. OOPS! Sorry. I hope you can see it and read it now. I am off to sit with my hubby and wait to hear more about the fire. Hope you all have a good and blessed night. hugs to you all, Thanks for spending part of your night with me.


  1. i LOVE the dishtowels... very cute! And that coffee cup is Identical to mine! They're a great set... and cheap too! Check your walmart if you want more of them!
    Oh and cute cards too! And your sis wasn't the only one who was having a hard time reading your blog font. ;-) Thanks!!

  2. Your cards are beautiful!!!! I love the colors, the layouts, and your coloring is fabulous!!! Nothing new there.

    Your gifts are wonderful, and I can't think of a better person to be showered with gifts than you!!

    Love you!!

  3. Thank you for changing the font color I to had a hard time!!
    Great job on the cards I love them !
    Glad to hear the hubby is safe !Seen tons of footage on the fires on the morning news its a aweful thing and I am praying for the families who has been affected!!Hugs hope your day/night goes by smoother!

  4. What a sweet gift! The cards are just adorable Heather! Praying for you and your community!

  5. Hello Heather, I was just checking in to see how you are doing. I really hope you are all safe and that your husband is okay. Keep us updated.

  6. Heather! I am so incredibly sorry to read about what has been happening there.. and so close to you! I have not been on here much for awhile now. I have been dealing with some health issues (which I need to blog about), and just have been physically, mentally and emotionally drained. So, I am so far behind on everything. I signed in tonight to try and catch up a little, when I saw your posts! I honestly did not even know there was a fire there!! We choose not to have cable in our home, so the news is one thing we definitely miss. We usually check different news sites online now and then. But I had absolutely NO IDEA what you & everyone there have been going through!! You know, it would have been bad enough to know that something this bad was in your state.. but to know it is right there! So close in your life that your husband (may the Lord bless him, greatly!), is helping to fight it.. that just makes me sick inside! Please, please, PLEASE know that I will start praying immediately, and checking in for updates. If there is anything I can do, you know my email!! Stay strong, God be with you all!!!!

    Your Sister in Christ,

  7. Hi Heather! I hope the fires are getting under control....what a scarey scarey thing! I am praying for everyone by you!!!

    What fab cards you have made hun! They are so darn adorable!!!!

    Love your new blog look!!! And Happy Birthday dear friend (although I know I am late)!
    Hugs~ Kim

  8. So sorry to hear about whats been going on there Heather. I hope that you and your family are okay, and am thinking of you. WHat great cards you have made and i just adore those images you've used, they are so cute! love and hugs Linda x


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