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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wishing and hoping and dreaming and praying

((sung in my head like on the movie My Best Friends Wedding.... I loved that movie when it came out and watched it over and over i remember. :) ))
This card was made for my CCC challenge on Cafe Mom as well as the Pink Elephant Sketch Challenge here in the blog world. I made my card as an example seeing as how I can't enter my own challenge ;). I got this 'image' off of a page my daughter was printing coloring pages from after she was done with her schoolwork today. I thought it was so cute, and seeing as how he is just going to end up in a drawer... I don't see how I would be breaking any rules doing this? He has a name C? something lol. I just thought he was too cute to pass up.

As you al know my kids have food allergies. My daughters are more severe than my sons but he is showing signs of season allergies and I can't say what the future holds. I pray they will outgrow some of them (the peanut is guaranteed to stay) So, I have been buying all foods for all of us by my daughters fod rules. NO: soy, corn, milk, eggs, or peanuts. Going to the grocery store makes me want to pull my hair out. It was very discouraging at first, but I am getting the seing of it and accepted that there are not many foods out there that they can have. I have to prepare most things from scratch and altered to meet their allergy needs. ALL breads have milk, eggs, soy and or corn syrup in them. All but maybe 6 cereals have soy or corn syrup. ALl soups, soy. All salad dressings (I did find one today that was a small bottle for $4). Even dried fruit has: CORN SYRUP! I really could go ON AND ON about what contains these things we can not have.. but it would be so much easier to list the things they can have. I wont do that either ;) but you get the picture. Back in the days of freedom (or more freedom than now) my kids liked noonie soup :) as they called it (ramen noodles) but they are SO FULL of JUNK! They were asking for them or wishing they could have them the other day after seeing them on the shelf. I said "we cant have those" as I Have been doing a lot lately. My mom found these noodles at our local grocery store. I read them and decided to try my hand at my own version. They tasted better to me than the 'real' ones. I did cook the noodles in water while my broth and seasonings simmered. I rinsed them in cold water, drained and then added them to the soup. They kids liked them for the most part. They were not as salty and maybe I could have added a tad more garlic, it is a recipe that still needs a little adjusting, but they were actually good enough that I would even eat them. If you have kids with allergies and want a list of the 'safe' foods I have found feel free to email or leave a comment and I will get back to you. If you have any information you would like to share with me about this or eczema please do that as well. I would love to learn and share with you. My husband has been working night shift the past 3 nights after the fire keeping looters out. He worked 6pm until 11 am Monday and almost that same schedule yesterday. Then he got up and went in at 3 today and just got home... so I guess I will go and sit with him a bit and hope we both don't pass out on the couch. I want to sleep in my bed tonight. :)


  1. i just love that card!! what a great image. i hope you and dh enjoy some time together!!

  2. A great fun card - thank you for sharing it with us at the Pink Elephant.
    Ann xxx

  3. So, HERE is what you do...write a cookbook strictly for kids with severe food allergies. You will be RICH!

  4. I loved "My Best Friend's Wedding" and watched it over and over as well. Great song, great card. You are so right, that image is way cute and looks perfectly at home on your card :) I agree with MamaCass07, you would be rich making that cookbook!! :)

  5. Cute card! I like the embossed scallops. Thanks for playing along with us at TPE

  6. A bright fun card and a perfect take on my sketch! Thanks so much for playing along this week :)

    carol x

  7. Such a cute card! Thanks for sharing it with us at TPE this week!
    So sorry that your children (and you) are dealing with major food allergies! It can't be fun. My youngest had seasonal allergies until she was about 6. Every spring, her whole body would break out in huge hives. Luckily she has grown out of it and has been hive free for the past 4 years. She does get watery, red eyes, but that is all.


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