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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I can fly!

....with God all things are possible. 
Matthew 19:26

Good Morning!
It is a beautiful sunny day and I am happy to be able to 
be here to share a smile and a card with you!

Yesterday morning my kids, husband and I were taking it
easy. (one of the many blessings of being able to homeschool)
We started hearing a 'thud' 'thump' noise. 
My son told me a bird flew into the window, but I did not see
anything so I went about what I was doing. As I passed by the living room, 
I saw something out of the corner of my eye at the front door. (we have glass
french doors in the hallway off of the living room). I watched and then, thump!
A little robbin just jumped and flopped itself up against the window. 
It did it a few times. I went and looked outside. He hopped off a bit, flew to the roof, then
after I walked away, back to the door 'thumping' again. The kids came to the kitchen for
breakfast then back to the living room a bit later. As I was cleaning up dishes and things, the kids
yell "MOM! It's BACK!!!" I came in the room expecting it to be at the door again, but the bird was
on the BACK of the house peering into the window looking into the living room! WEIRD!!!

I was in my pantry / craft room preparing todays post for the challenge blog when 
I heard my son yell "The bird is back!" and sure enough there he was at the back window again!
What is up with this bird?!?! HAHAHA! 

I do have a card to share with you today...
and it just so happens it features a BIRD! 

 Inside: sentiment free on website for limited time!

and here is one more peek of our little chick. 
I used a white gel pen to make little spots all over his back :)
Doesn't he look happy flying through the sky!

Thank you for stopping by today!
Don't forget!!!
******See you there!******


  1. super cute Heather!! That birdie must want in for school!!

  2. Mr Robin wants to come in and have a snack!!! Too funny. Your card is adorable Heather!! Love the addition of the white gel pen, it creates such wonderful highlights. Have a great day my friend.


  3. Maybe the robin knew that chick was about to take his first flight and was all anxious that everything would good well for him. He was there support a member of his 'flock'.

    I don't think he needed to worry though, chick looks like he is doing just fine. He does have God on his side after all.

    Beautiful job my friend!


  4. What a fun post Heather! At my old job (the one I was at forever) we had a Cardinal that came every spring and pecked on one of our exam room windows for hours every day, we tried closing the blinds and even tapping back at it to scare it away, nothing worked and we could never figure out why it was doing that or why it always came back. God's creatures can be funny at times. Your story made me smile! Your card is adorable! I love the sweet little chick and the fun bright red balloon!

    1. The silly bird was back this morning!!! it was on the back window peeking in, then at the front door literally chest bumping against it. I went to the door to peek out and it flew to the yard, started pecking at the ground and looking at the door as if it were pretending to eat and was just waiting for me to leave! HAHAHA!!! I don't know what is up with this little guy!

  5. What a great story Heather! Love the picture of the little guy peeking in the window! Too cute...just like your card.
    Hugs, Renee

  6. you have a new pet! ;) loooooooove your card. it's soo cute. I just love that little chickie flying by!

  7. Great story about the bird LOL. And wonderful card... looks really funny! Thanks for joining us at Skech Saturday!
    ;-) Alex H.

  8. I little birdie told him, you serve a mean cuppa!!

    Love first flight card!! Adorable!!!

  9. Wonderfully creative card Heather!

  10. hahahah, the bird wants in on the fun!! I LOVE the new digi's I can't wait until we get paid so I can pick them up!


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