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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fundraiser and a gift

Today was a great day. This mornings service really blessed me and touched my heart. I know I have asked for you all to pray for Hannah and her eczema. This morning my dad and husband gave a praise report on how God has worked in her life and has healed her. She is happier and her self again. I can't even express how much joy, thankfulness and praise is in my heart. We took the kids swimming after church. I did not feel good, so Tommy and the kids were the only ones that swam. It was sweet watching them giggle and play. We got home, bathed and sat to watch a show. Tommy fell asleep on the couch, so I went to clean my craft area. I was going through images when I came across this chef I forgot I had. My church was having a fund raiser dinner tonight and this was just so perfect, I had to make my pastor a card. Not the typical card you would give a pastor .. but perfect for the occasion. An Italian chef with a plate of spaghetti:)! They sat us and served us a yummo plate of spaghetti, a roll, salad and a fruit plate. It was very nice and we appreciate all the work they put into making it. Plus, I didn't have to cook!!!:) YAY ME!!!

The patterned paper is by Marvy. I used the cuttle bug on the scrap black cs I had. I colored it all in with my Crayola color pencils (i love them:) maybe one day I will get the 'real deal' .. but they are good for me for now) I hand drew the spaghetti and added paint as the sauce. Hole punches made perfect meatballs:).

Another fun thing today. As soon as I came into church today my sis had me some goodies. Some fun stickers and a CUTE wash cloth she made. She is crazy if she thinks I am going to sue it! lol! I LOVE it! She is so super talented.. she amazes me with every project! I am going to make a special hanger and hang this in my kitchen:P!! A Bathing suit.. knitted .. in red!!! What could be better!!! :) LOVE IT!!! Ain't it cute?!?!?! :)
BECKY'S KNITTING BLOG!!! GO SEE! She is Grrr~eat:)!!!
Tomorrow Hannah has a food allergy test she has to have done. She is scared and worried. It is a back prick test where they poke 25 different allergens in her back and see which she reacts to. Please be thinking about her and praying for her. I will let you know how the appointment goes. Thanks for visiting!


  1. That card is the bomb! I actually bought the SU pencils and I really can't tell the difference b/t the SU and Crayola. I'm sure there's something but I actually like the crayola better. I guess I'm just a cheap chick! :)

    I am so thankful that Hannah is feeling better. I will say a prayer for her tomorrow. I would be a little scared if I had to go in for that so I can only imagine what it's like for a 6? year old.

    Hope you have a great day tomorrow!

  2. Love the card and how you dressed up the spaghetti with meatballs that "popped" out on the card!! The background paper really makes the card!! =)
    I hope Hannah is doing much better now!!Big hugs!!=)

  3. I love this Bon Appetit set and your spaghetti looks great! I really feel for Hannah. I had that prick test on my back a few years ago. I had a total of 120 scratches -- I think I had to go twice. It's not fun, especially for a child. But at least it narrowed down what was causing my suffering (thank goodness chocolate was not on my allergy list!!!). Will definitely be thinking and praying for your little one.

  4. i have crayola colored pencils too....all i can afford for now. that's a great card! your coloring is always spectacular on all your cards!

  5. I love the card. It is sooo cute! And perfect for the occasion! : )

  6. Oh -- call me when you guys get back from the doctor and let me know what happens.

    BTW - if I'd known you were gonna hang that cloth up in the kitchen, I'd have made something that would MATCH your kitchen. : )

  7. HEY!!! Match?? Eclectic lil' ol' me?? A pop of red looks good ANYWHERE!!! :) Silly Becky!:) ((was trying to think of something to replace trix are for kids but no coffee yet and my brain is not functioning:)!!!)

  8. gosh.. heather your card is so fun.
    but the knitted piece is just awesome :-)
    i used to knit too and i love this pattern :-) so fun

  9. Heather I love the changes you made to your blog. Too cute! and your Bon Appetit! Magnifico!

  10. Beautiful, as usual. That was fantastic thinking on the spaghetti and meatballs. I never would have thought of using a hole punch, but it was perfect! Kudos to you my friend!!!

  11. I never knew spaghetti could look so cute!!! What a great idea! I hope that Hannah handles the testing okay tomorrow and they can find some conclusive test results!

  12. Heather I love your card! Praying Hannah's test goes good! I know that is not a fun test!

    I left you an award on my blog, please stop by and take a looksie!

    Hugs~ Kim

  13. Mmm...spaghetti! (Said like Homer Simpson!) Great coloring Heather!


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