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Friday, August 22, 2008

Pirate Treasure

I have been cleaning, grocery shopping and doing things all day to prepare for Tommy Ray's birthday party tomorrow. I went to Mels blog and saw these super cute peek a boo boxes and had to make them! Did I say I was a total procrastinator?? I am!!! This was not my fault though b/c I found it just yesterday. Thew were fun and simple to make .. just time consuming. I do not have a score pal, so I improvised with my regular edge pro? yard sale find? scorer. It has 2 blades on it. you can either score or move it down and use the cutter. If you have one like that BE CAREFUL NOT TO MIX THE TWO UP!!! It ends in disaster. With a Whoosh !! I cut my little template in half:) :/..UGH! The pics are bad b/c they are taken in my lil ol dark craft room. I need better lighting in there. I also added the candy b/c it was gold, lol. I wanted to get the chocolate coin candy .. but they ALL were manufactured on equipment / may contain peanuts. They were totally out. I almost gave up and put reg ol candy in there.. but I saw the werthers and was so happy!! No peanuts!!!

You can find the link to these boxes HERE on Mels blog and SO MANY OTHER SUPER cute ideas:)!!:) or go directly to the link I used HERE. If you do not have a score pal .. on the side that measures 9 1/2 inches long score at 1", 3:, 4:, 6", 7", and 9 " . Have fun and I hope you get the chance to try them. If you do I want to know:) please come back and tell me:) Have a great night. On to getting the cakes out of the oven and 10 more boxes to make:/... Expect birthday pics tomorrow:) HUGS!!!

We have had a bad habit of allowing the kids to fall asleep on the couch, then carrying them to bed. Not only was it killing my back, lol, Noone was getting to bed until around or after 10. 2 weeks ago I decided it was time to start putting them to bed and let them learn to sleep on their own. They have done GREAT! Tommy Ray still gives a protest every night, but it gets better and better. I caught him sleeping this morning and had to get a pic. Isn't he sweet?? :) I still can not believe my baby boy is 4 now!!! amazing!


  1. :) The boxes are great!! :) I hope he has a wonderful birthday party! Can't wait to see pictures.

    Oh man, that's my next task. Getting Landon to bed at a decent time :( I've tried and it's hard, I gave up. But I will get to it eventually. But I love the picture of him sleeping, he looks sooo comfortable.

  2. Wow, those boxes look fantastic! I love the pirate theme. Super cute!
    I've always put Kevin to bed early. It's a bit easier when he is still in his crib LOL! If he didn't go to bed early I would never have any time to make anything!

  3. Fantastic boxes! I thought you already had his party! Guess I read that wrong, lol! Love his room! Very cute, and what a sweet picture!! Glad putting them to bed is going well for you!

  4. I had a birthday dinner on his birthday ... but no cake or gifts. My hubbys family and others came for his party today:)

  5. cute idea with those boxes!
    may need to ask you for advice on getting kiddies to go to sleep on their own!!! and i do love pics of my boys sleeping! they are such angels when the sleep!! [btw, we have that same little play/learning laptop he has on the nightstand!!]

  6. These are great boxes heather!! I love how they turned out!!!


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