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Sunday, November 9, 2008

small but sweet

I am in a 3 x 3 card swap in my Cute Critters Group on Cafe Mom. My friend Carol is hosting it and it will be my first time making any cards this size ever!!! I had a hard time because i did not know how to embellish them :(. I am happy with the result. They are very simple, but cute and I think they will work. Tomorrow starts another busy week of school, cleaning and cooking. Hope to see you around:). I will definitely be here in the morning, at 3 for my "coffee break" and at night after the kids are in bed .. so if you need me you will know when you can get me:). Happy Monday!!! (almost)
Bazzil CS
fishing penguil ~ elzybells
crayola pencils, OMS, bic markers, brilliance graphite black ink
I linked Cafe Mom . Cafe Mom is kindof like myspace (the best way I can describe it) but not really. I started there, met a lot of beautiful moms and made great friendships. I then looked around the groups and stumbled upon a card making group called Card Makin Mamas. My mom had given me a few stamp sets that i had no clue what to do with. I joined the group in July? of 07. I did not make a card until Feb of 08?. I remember how HORRIBLE my first was, lol :o). Anyway, they had weekly sketches and contests that really made me want to play and Ilearned so much from the group. I got in a 'lull' so to speak and decided to on a whim make my own blog. I was not having as much fun making cards as I was when I first started. I started making them for me and giving myself that time to grow. I continued to grow here and there .. and still do. But most of all, I made AMAZING friends there like the owner of the group, Cass. She is so sweet and such an amazing friend. There are several Cafe Mom ladies out here and linked to my blog ((where my girls at? WOOT!)) I love them all. OK, that is my spill about Cafe mom, lol:) Now, on to get my coffee and try not to freeze. I forgot to turn on my heat last night (it has been in the 70's and I didn't realize we would need it) It i 66 in the house this morning :/ . My hubby will freeze if I dont get it warm, lol. OK, better run! love ya'll! Happy Monday (for real this time:) )


  1. You have been very busy since I last check! All of your cards are wonderful! Your last post is just adorable! I really enjoy the little 3x3 cards during the holidays you can make a bunch and have them on hand to tuck into small gift bags! Have a great week, and if you see my mojo send it back my way :(

  2. Aww how cute are these, I love them, that stamp is totally fab and your little cards are so sweet, perfect little notelets
    hope you had a fab weekend hun
    lv Gill x

  3. Ok, all I hear from you is cafe mom. Where and what is that?

  4. Love you back Mwah! I love the little cards. So cute!

  5. Those cards are beautiful!! Great work.

  6. Heather these are adorable! Love the snowflake inside!!!
    Hugs~ Kim

  7. Heather~ I love these little cards! Do you own that stamp? I love it!!! I'm partial to Cafemom too! :)

  8. Pretty cool, Heather. i have a hard time with small cards also, it seems like that we have to embellish but really don't need too.. just love it :)

  9. Woot! go girl! Those are some CUTE cards! Loving the penguins! The great thing about card making is it evolves with you and your life. I love it! Even in your first ones, I can go back and see you timidly trying new things and then one day I remember thinking, DANG! This girl is BETTER than good!

  10. These are DARLING!!! Oh, I wish I were in this swap:o) I've never made a 3x3 card, but they seem like fun. Think I am gonna have to check out Cafe Mom! It sounds cool:o)


  11. This image is adorable! I love the cards, and they should be such a hit! Great job! Best, Curt

  12. What gorgeous little penguins - perfect for a small card.
    Must try some small ones - mine seem to be getting bigger and bigger.
    hugs Heather xx

  13. You are awesome Heather! You know that I love all your work, some of your cards are just down right amazing. This card is cute too!


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