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and so shall we ever be with the Lord. 1 Thessalonians 4:16,17 / KJV
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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I am officially OUT OF TAPE!!!!! i thought I had a few saved and somehow ran out! i will not make it another week until Tommy gets paid! AHHH!!!!! Ok, enough freaking out.. i will make it ... :) i will have to :) lol. i am sad that I did not get to make my house mouse challenge card yet and I am sad about a few other cards / challenges I had planned ... but probably would not have had time anyway. My hubbys grands came over today for dinner. We had a nice time. Tommy was supposed to be home at 5 but things got crazy at work and he called a few times to delay. We ate with out him and he got home around 7:30. Tommorrow we are meeting with our mortgage company and changing things around. Saturday?? Sunday we have a group called the Oxendine's coming to sing at our church. A dinner following the service, so I have to cook and prepare for that. SO, I would not have much time for cardmaking anyway. :)

Update: Hannah was put back on singulair, yesterday was her first day taking it in over a year. When she was on it then, I remember her acting differently. Sad, easily frustrated, nightmares, CRAZY fits. Just for absolutely no reason. I told the Drs this and eventually took her off of the medication. Within a week her whole attitude changed. She still had fits and things, but normal ones. the others were not. The Dr told me that they were taking those warnings off of the medication and said it was not true. Today after the meds had the time to get into her system, she started acting sad and said she had a headache. She just sat on the couch, stared off into nowhere. I tried to get her to draw, play, SOMETHING! but she did not want to do anything. I could not even get her to look at me and smile. She, even on her worst day and is bleeding and itching, is still laughing and playing. I KNOW it does something bad to her and they can not change my mind about that. SO, I decided to not start that at all. Even his Grandma noticed she was acting differently and remembered the way she acted a year ago when she was on it. I do think i am making the right decision and it is better to not let her take it.

Sorry, I have been full of venting lately. i made these cards for Tommy's Grandmothers church friend. She is always sending out cards and It makes me happy that she likes mine enough to want to use them for her friends. She likes them simple and not bulky so they mail easier. I sent them with Grandma today. I hope she likes them and I hope to get to meet her one day.


  1. Your cards are adorable sweetie... I'm sure your Gram's Friend will love them as well. I really like the cupcake ones. Clean and classy!
    I'm sorry to hear that Hannah is still having problems. Trust your gut though... if you notice a difference in her when she's on the meds don't give it to her. The Dr. that treats our kids (and was also my doc when I was a wee one) has told me since the day I got preggo with Ryen that a Mother ALWAYS knows best and to never give up in your fight on that!! The doctors don't see her at home so they just have your word to go by. Fight it through and through though. Your daughter is depending on you.
    As always, she's in my prayers as are you!
    Love yah dear!

  2. I'm so sorry about your daughter--I suffer from horrible ecsema--on my hand it now is "moisture resistant" and I can't do anything but look like I'm a leper...I wish I had some advice, Singular did not work for me either, steroid cream did a little bit isn't good for the skin long term...I'll pray for her and I sure hope things get better!

  3. Love all the cards! I am sure she is going to love them! I hope your daughter is feeling better soon, what an ordeal....poor little thing, and so frustrating for you too! I know she has been suffering with this off and on since I stumbled on your blog. I will continue to pray for God to lay his healing hands upon her.
    Blessings and Hugs


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