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Saturday, March 21, 2009

you are just SOOO cute!

I made this card with the gorgeous sketch found on the Friday Sketchers blog. It was so pretty i could not wait to play with it. This card was made in between cooking, cleaning and all that wonderful stuff that happens on Saturdays :) I did have a lot of fun making it. It was in short little spurts, but was fun seeing it slowly come together. I used my happy hoppers baby itty bit for this card. I am so lucky to have found a wonderful pediatrician so close to home. My previous pediatrician, whom is a very smart and wonderful man, had been slowly disappointing me. He was not treating the kids the way he had in the past and the last time they got sick was my last straw. I did not know what to do, and when I called them several times when the kids had the flu and I NEVER got a call back, I called a new office a friend of my sister referred me to. The let us come in that very afternoon and were soooo nice and so helpful. My kids were SO sick. As i filled out the paperwork the FIRST page talked about how children are Gods blessings and how they are a Christian run facility. i was VERY impressed then. I showed my mom and we both got chill bumps. The NP was there the first day, she was so thorough and so nice. She knew we were looking for answers and she could see how sick they were. I had been getting " it is just a virus, go home .. " way too often. They did tests and looked for help for my babies. SO, then we met the other dr. for my sons followup apt. He was so nice and very good with the kids. He listened and was not rushed. I was very impressed. THEN Hannah was just not getting better. She developed a bad cough and a green icky nose. I called and they saw us that afternoon. She had a sinus infection. The main Dr of the practice was there that day, and that did it for me. He was SO nice, so good with the kids. He had them laughing the whole time and talked to them, played with them and was just overall amazing! The nurses, staff .. everyone was so nice. It was just a huge turnaround from what we were used to. I went into ALL of this to say that god has been so good to me and has led us to so many helpful and giving Dr.s lately. I cant thank him enough. I made this card for the whole office. I know some people feel funny about taking food from others, so I may or may not make them a treat basket. I will still think about it. I know how particular I am myself :). I will make or get them something small to go with it. I just wanted to thank them for being there for me and being so eager to help when I needed them most.

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend so far. We are having family day at church tomorrow, all of my inlaws will be there to attend with us. Hannah is going to sing a special, and afterward they are going to give her her birthday gifts since we will be at Duke for her bday. She is so excited. :) I am off, the coffee beeped and I am ready to relax. Hugs and kisses. G'Night.


  1. Fabulous card. Love the image and the colours you've used. Michele x

  2. Good morning Heather, lovely to catch up with you again and read whats been happening in your life! This is such a great card hunny and such a lovely image. You've been busy since my last visit. So many gorgeous makes. Have a great day and enjoy the rest of your weekend, hugs Linda x

  3. Love the card and the layout. I am glad she is getting good treatment now and feels better.

  4. Hi Heather...hope you have a great day at church...sounds like fun! Glad to hear you found a new dr. for the kids too! Great card it's super cute!
    Hugs~ Kim

  5. Hi Heather! I love your card, it's so cute! I'm sure they will love it. You know what's funny?? Well, not funny, but you'll understand. I just recently went through the SAME thing with my boys' doctor. He had been their doctor since they were born and he just started being different, always looking at his watch and pressed for time, etc. I wanted a referral to an allergist/asthma specialist for my oldest. He wouldn't give it to me. Anyway, we switched doctors that week and I had the referral the same day we went in. The BLESSED part is that, had we not switched doctors, my youngest wouldn't have been properly diagnosed with Kawasaki and it could've been very bad. Anyway, just thought I'd share. Thanks for listening to me ramble!

  6. Great card1 I'm sure they'll love it. And I'm so glad that you've found a medical practice that will meet your needs. That is so important. I hope everyone feels well soon!

  7. Such an adorable card! I checked out the Friday sketchers! They have some neat stuffs!

    I am SO glad you found a place that suits your kiddos needs. Its hard to find Docs that are attentive this day and age. I was lucky to get one the first time around. SO glad you were able to find one!

  8. thank you for your wonderful and so lovely card to my sketch. it looks very pretty and fabulous.
    hugs, bea

  9. thank you for your wonderful and so lovely card to my sketch. it looks very pretty and fabulous.
    hugs, bea

  10. So glad that you found a great place to take your kids to. I wish I can find one like that myself! Very cute card missy!

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