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For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout,
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and the dead in Christ shall rise first:
Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air:
and so shall we ever be with the Lord. 1 Thessalonians 4:16,17 / KJV
Jesus is our soon coming King
James 5:8 Be ye also patient; stablish your hearts: for the coming of the Lord draweth nigh."

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Jesus is the Reason for the Season 3 day Hop

Good Morning! I am so happy to be here with you this morning sharing the love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I cant think of a better way to start the day, can you?
I am the first hop stop! Lucky for you! You are right on track!!!

I am sure many of you remember the Jesus is the Reason post a few of us ladies participated in over the Christmas holiday. This one is much similar to that one. This is indeed a blessed time of year, as we remember Christ sacrifice on the cross at Calvary, and celebrate his triumphant victory over death! I know that for many families, we focus more on the FUN things rather than the true meaning of the holiday. Perhaps we have gotten busy and not realize how much the material and commercial things have seeped in and overshadowed the true meaning of Easter. I am not saying these things are bad. I do enjoy attending our church's Easter Egg hunts. I remember my fat legged babies trying to find eggs and falling and dropping them. Very wonderful memories indeed. I remember their first chocolate bunny that they gnawed on for weeks. hehehe. I also KNOW that every Easter Sunday and throughout the year how we reflect on his love for us. A love so strong and wonderful it is so difficult to even explain. He loved us so much he died to cover our sin. He suffered so much pain for US. For ME! He took my place on that cross to cover the sin he knew I would have to make a place for me to be with him forever in Heaven. He ROSE AGAIN and said he would be back for me someday. What a beautiful glorious day that will be! We reflect on these things throughout the year, but there are many who do not know of his love for us. Easter has become so commercial that the true meaning is hidden by baskets, bunnies, eggs, and candy. That is the reason God pressed it upon our hearts to have this hop so that we can all reflect on his love, share and spread his love and hopefully reach out to those who have never know his love so that they will be able to see how much he really does love us all.

This image I used to create this wall hanging , Love Everlasting, is one that can not be expressed in words. It just reaches out and reminds me of his love and promise. I chose the dogwood branch to symbolize his love and sacrifice. If you have not read The Legend of the Dogwood Tree, please read it here.

While we cannot even begin to reciprocate the Lord's gift to us, there is "blog candy" on some of the hop stops as a token of appreciation for your comments and encouragement. I do have blog candy to share with you today. I have more surprises to add to the candy that are not pictured here. I do have one request for you. Please take a few moments to watch this video I have added here and let me know in the comments section that you did. If you do not, please do not say that you did. All comments will still be added to the drawing for the prize.

From here you will head on over to the beautiful and sweet Kelly's blog. This lady has touched my life in a mighty way. She has daily reminded me of Gods love and through her friendship I have grown in my walk with Christ. I love you Kelly Girl.

Here is the hop order in full in case you need it:

We also invite you to celebrate the real "Reason for the Season" by posting your own creation celebrating Christ's Resurrection. There is a place to link on Catherine's blog, and a prize is up for grabs for one randomly selected card/project.

Enjoy the hop and God bless!


  1. Always a pleasure to see what you create! And, the reason can't be more important than Him!! That video is always poignant!

  2. Heather, I'm at a loss for words!! Your beautiful creation is breathtaking!! What a powerful post, and one that moves me to tears. I watched the video, and had every bit as hard a time watching it this time, as the very first time I saw it!! Thank you so very much for sharing your love of Christ through your artwork, for being such a wonderful inspiration and example of His love, and for starting off this hop with with such a powerful post! I guess the words came, huh?
    Love and hugs,

  3. Oh my goodness, Heather, my jaw just hit the floor with your elegant framed work of art! A true masterpiece! He has given you such a gracious and beautiful gift and that you share it with us so generously all the time - it just is the most stunning and show stopping piece of art work ever! This belongs in every home, my friend :) Lovely, absolutely lovely! Thank you for the gift of YOU! x0x0

  4. Thanks for sharing, Heather - and I DID watch the video, and it reminded me a lot of the movie, the Passion of the Christ..and encouraged me to get out my Bible and read this story afresh - so that I may grasp the depths of His love. "It is finished" was His cry - and it was all for you, and for me. Amen!

  5. Your project is beautiful and this hop has such a powerful meaning and the video is just awesome, it puts everything into perspective. Sometimes we often forget the true meaning of Easter. Thanks so much for doing this hop! I am sure it will bless many!

    God Bless!

    mzcherub2009 at att dot net

  6. Heather, thank you for sharing your wonderful creation, and what a powerful post!!! Love this hop - thank you!!!

  7. Heather, I too am in awe of your beautiful artwork, deserving to be what kicks off this powerful blog hop. The video has touched me beyond words, bringing me to tears of joy and filling my heart with love. Hugs and smiles to all for we are all truly blessed.


  8. I am so happy I stumbled onto this blog today, not only is your art beautiful but the video was prayerfully appreciated. Thank you!

  9. This card is breath-taking--so beautiful. Wonderful video.

  10. How can we possibly put into words the incredible gift of forgiveness and everlasting life our Lord has given say how undeserving we are would be an understatement. The video brought me to tears, as did the movie the Passion of the Christ, as it vividly shows us the incredible sacrifice He made for each and every one of us. I cannot even begin to wrap my brain around the amount of love our God has for his creations that he would sacrifice his only son for us.....for each and every one of US. Thank you for the amazing start to this blog hop. May God continue to bless you and encourage you to share your inspirations with us.

  11. Your picture is amazing as well as the video! Thank you so much!

  12. Heather, oh sweet Heather, what a beautiful and powerful message you've shared both in words and in your amazing piece of art. Such a stunning and powerful image and an absolutely AMAZING way to showcase it and honor our Lord and Savior. :) Thank you for sharing this with all of us and for living each day with your light shining bright! Love you, friend!

  13. *Amazing, truly and simply amazing....both your stunning work of art and the powerful video...
    It is hard not to cry when one see such brutality inflicted upon our Lord and Saviour...yet so rejoyful at the end when the climax of His Resurrection is so well portayed!
    Blessings to you Heather...I am so fortunate to getting to know U better a hop at a time...:o)

  14. Beautiful! I love the video- no more little ones here, so we do concentrate more on the reason for the season...but I love this beautiful image and project you have made and the video! Bless You!

  15. Heather, How much you bless each and every one of us who visit your blog by showing your love of Christ in everything you do. I post a comment not because I care about blog candy, but because I want you to know how truly powerful is the video, and how much I admire the Christian love you share. He IS the reason for the season, and I'm glad of the gift He has given. Thank you for reminding us. Easter Hugs.

  16. Wow! What an awesome image you have given us of the great love and sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ! Thank you, Heather for the video and the story of the dogwood, one of my most favorite trees, that reminds us of how He bore all the pain and suffering to cover our sinful selves and do give us a grand and glorious hope by His resurrection.

  17. Very beautiful project and video:)


  18. Heather, this is absolutely gorgeous!!! and oh so precious!! You are so talented and down right amazing!!!
    love ya Sweets!

  19. HI Heather! Thanks for another great hop! And thanks for letting me be part of this as we point people back to Jesus and his death and resurrection! I watched the video .. I hate watching graphic pictures/ movies of Jesus on the cross.. but it vividly brings home just what he endured for us.. and only a fraction of what he endured! How Great his love is is AMAZING!
    LOVE your creation here!

  20. the video is always hard to watch until the glorious end...
    thanking everyone for this hop

  21. Heather, you know how much I love the beautiful image that you and our Lord created. When you first showed it to me, I was literally brought to tears as it captures the love our Lord has for be sinless and endure such heartache and pain, yet still show grace and mercy in His darkest of hours. His love is TRULY EVERLASTING and INFINITE!!!! Praise GOD!!!

    I thank Him everyday for bringing you into my life:) It is such a privilege and a pleasure being able to call you my sister:) Thank you for inviting me to join this incredibly inspirational hop with all of you!! How blessed I am to be surrounded by such loving people:)

    Much love,

  22. Heather, I just found you and am so glad I did! You're an answer to prayer. Your heart shines through your creative projects. Thank you for inspiring me to share more of God's love in my blog. The video is very powerful.

  23. Thank you for sharing your message about the true meaning of EASTER!!! Your creation is amazing. God Bless you. I loved the video it brought tears to my eyes to see what my Savior endured to save me.

  24. Beautiful wall hanging and the video brought tears to my eyes.
    slrdowney at hotmail dot com

  25. Oh Heather your wall hanging is lovely and such a real reminder of the reason for the season. I am so glad you all are doing this hop and i will try to get a project posted.

    But I have to tell you that watching that film, though i have seen it before, makes me want to just stop everything else I am doing and cry for the rest of the day. My heart breaks and at the same time I know that it had to happen and that it was His will but how anyone can think about chocolate bunnies and colored eggs after watching that is beyond me.

    I a new to your blog and so glad that I found it. So uplifting and such a blessing to me :) God Bless you for having such a blog that reminds us daily that we should be about our Father's business.

  26. Heather, I'm humbled once again to be part of a truly amazing hop with all of you inspiring women!

    Your wall hanging is literally breathtaking and a moving tribute to Christ's ultimate sacrifice for us. And what a powerful video! Always so difficult for me to watch, but yet it moves me to refocus on what life should be about.

    Wishing you a life filled with countless blessings!

  27. Praise the Lord. You have made my heart happy to see that your group of friends would share the love of Christ in such a unique way. Your wallhanging is beautiful. The video was right on time. It has been a blessing for me going through the Jesus is the Reason blog hop. I am so happy that I found this in my search looking for digi images.

  28. Heather! This image is amazing!!! I teach at a Catholic school, and I think this image would make a great addition to my classroom. I will have to stop by the shop and see what I have been missing... I miss you!


  29. Heather, thank you so much for doing this special blog hop. What a thrill for so many to share their praises of the real meaning of Easter. Your wall hanging is beautiful! Thank you for sharing it, along with your wonderful words of love and faith. It was an honor to share this hop with you.

  30. Thank you so much for this beautiful hop and for sharing from the heart. What a beautiful project! pjritsema at gmail dot com

  31. Oh I wish I had found this earlier and could visit every site on time.. but I will make it through tomorrow Lord willing. What a wonderful hop and wonderful way to present the truth of Christ's sacrificial gift to US... and I thank you for so clearly proclaiming the truth! God bless!

  32. All I can say is this is so moving. I couldn't take my eyes off it. This is a great way to start my morning. Thank you for sharing.

  33. This is absolutely WONDERful, Heather! The idea for a wall hanging is just awesome, too! Thank you so much, my sweet partner in faith, for organizing all of this with me and for always encouraging me in my relationship with the Lord. You are my true friend, who "loveth at all times", a blessing from God and I thank Him for you. (((HUGS))) Thank you for sharing your amazing and inspired images. This one particurlarly touched my heart when I saw it, and you have used it here so beautifully! The coloring, papers, embellies - they are just perfect!


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