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and so shall we ever be with the Lord. 1 Thessalonians 4:16,17 / KJV
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James 5:8 Be ye also patient; stablish your hearts: for the coming of the Lord draweth nigh."

Friday, February 20, 2009


OK I know I know .. everyone's cards were shown there ... but HOW COOL IS IT THAT IT IS ON BLOGGABELLA!!! My card for Bellariffic Friday that is! This totally made my day! :) AACCKKK!!! That and I got goodies today that were belariffic!!! YAYAYAYA!!! ((BRB wo tupdate with pics!!! Iw as just too excited to be fully prepared! lol!!!)) did I say ACK?!?! :o) and YAY!!! lol!

OK ~ here are the things that made me happy today:

Hannah and her favorite things ~ littlest pet shop ((don't you love that smile?! I am so glad she is feeling better!!!))

My sweet little big hulk man. He has become SO super obsessed with hulk .. well all superheros but Hulk mostly as of latley. He plays the kid games onthe internet and watches clips of commercials, lol ... he knows them by heart. He after watching it for a long time over and over last week woke up screaming b/c of a bad dream. He said he was chasing a beautiful buterfly and a rock with red glowing eyes reached up and grabbed him ... hulk, rock man, mean guys... I think he needs a break from this stuff, lol! He ran around all day yelling Huld Smash! jumping and booming:) lol! Love it!

BELLAS!!!!!! YAY~!!!! they came in today! I won a $20 gift card so this was under $25 for me ... free shipping too!!! Gotta love it! i have about 15 pages inked for RAKs ... I have not been able to play myself yet :( hopefully tomorrow! Also for almost a year now I have heard of this coffee creamer. No stores sell it here.. at the beach .. coconut ... really? I got to try it today ... and from a gal who likes reg ol bold joe ... it was pretty yummy!!! good for a treat:). AND my mom found a cookbook she had when I was younger ... a hersheys one to be exact. so now I have ways to make hannah treats that are egg, milk and soy free! WOOT! starting with this wacky cake for her bday :) ((well, I will have to do a test run :o) YUMM!))

I got happy mail from a very dear and sweet friend. This beautiful card and the wonderful note inside made me happy and touched my heart. Cass, you always know when I need a boost and I cherish your friendship so much! Thank you!


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  2. Yay how super exciting yay for you you that is exciting!!

  3. I am glad Hannah is doing better! I will have to go look at bloggabella, I planned on trying their challenge, just never got to it. Story of my life lately. Conner runs around the house doing "Hulk Smash" all the time and LOVES his hulk pj's...but if I put on anything hulk, movies, tv, - he runs crying into the other room, lol!!

  4. Those are great pictures of your babies! Thanks for sharing them!

  5. So glad she's feeling better! That's just awesome!! And YEAH for coconut creamer!! MMMMM.... I need to send you some coconut coffee beans... maybe I'll put some in your image package I have sitting here on my desk!

  6. Look how happy your angel is! I am so glad to see her smile! Go lil man! Look at those muscles!

    Check you out winning Bella goodies! So proud of you! congrats if I never congrated you!

    Seriously? The beach has no COCONUT creamer?? Glad you found some!


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