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and so shall we ever be with the Lord. 1 Thessalonians 4:16,17 / KJV
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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Let's Get Together, yea yea yea

OK, YES! I watched the Parent Trap tonight. The first one. I LOVE that movie :). My son is SO into superheros and was wanting a superhero movie. The cartoons now are so violent and just crude :(. I have been very disappointed in Marvel lately. My son was actually looking at Marvel kids today on the computer while I was cleaning. (he actually knows how to google search it... I had started him off on funbrain :( ) Anyway ~ I heard a curse word?? What?? I went and rewound what he was watching on the little video thing and YUP! So there Marvel Kids went and will never return. Of course he did not hear the word, never has ... and did not understand why he could not be on there. He was MAD at me to say the least. WAY later in the day after the storm settled and we picked Hannah up I told him he could pick out a movie as his 'prize'. He got a happy meal last night and gave his sister the toy (because it was a unicorn, lol, he missed her, and he was sad she could not go swimming with us. :) He is a sweetie and I promised him a small prize for doing that. We hit walmart and the movies were all HORRIBLE! The superman cartoons were PG13. I was not about to even look at the hulk or anything like that. These cartoons are NOTHING like they were when we were youngins! That is the truth! We did find the set of all 4 original Superman movies with Christopher Reeve. ((THEN he had an absolute fit about me fixing his har like SM :). Before bed he put his tie, belt and dress clothes ... and his superman dress up suit by his bed. I guess he will be Clark all day tomorrow, lol! ))He and his dad stayed in the LR watching the first while Han and I made a bed in her floor and watched the Parent Trap. We had a sunbutter and jelly sandwich with coffee.. lots of giggles and sillies. It was all in all a wonderful night. I got the chance to make this simple card for the PCP challenge which is to use a MyGraphico image. This one is one of their freebies. I have never really used a 'solid' image and thought I would give it a try. Oddly enough it took me just as long to make this card as it does for me to make one with a colored image. I think I was a little intimidated by it. I am happy with the card overall. I added a lot of paper piercing and the silver birds nest embellies to give it more pizazz for lack of better word. (did i mention i am tired and it is late? lol) I have not participated in a challenge there in so long. It feels good to take the first step back in :). sigh. have a wonderful night my friends. Thanks for putting up with my toooo long and jumbled posts ;).


  1. oh heather, your card is beautiful

  2. This is so beautiful! I am the same way. Intimidated by the solid images! Why is that? Should they not be simpler?? lol!

    I know. Its so sad how bad the "kids" tv has gotten. Noah knows nothing of super heros and I am going to keep them away from him as long as I can. TOO much VIOLENCE! And you are right. Language too. Its just sad. DH grew up with GI Joe, Batman, Transformers...but now days? Those things are WAY worse than they were back when. ::sigh:: So Noah watches Minnasota Cuke (Veggie Tales) and Thomas The Train and Bob the Builder. And some PBS. I cringe for when he gets older and discovers superheros.....

  3. i LOVE this... it's so elegant and beautiful! Great work my dear. I don't know why you're so critical on yourself... your cards are always stunning!!

  4. Stunning Card, it has a very elegant feel about it. I think you did a wonderful job with it!
    Sounds like you ended up havin a fun evening with the kids anyway! You just stick to your guns and be careful what they watch, it is hard to find good entertainment at any age! I can't find movies that I want to watch at my age!


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