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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hot Cuppa Joe

This is a SUPER fast post seeing as how I am posting while the kids are doing their schoolwork, or trying to not do it since I am not in the room. Day 3 and they are already pushing ALL of my buttons! See... I already had to take a break from writing THIS MUCH and stop them from fighting. Sheesh!!!

Anyway ~ everything has stated in full swing and I have the headaches to prove it ;) lol!!!

Hot Cuppa Joe FBD Digital Stamp

Monday kicked off our Dance school year as well... and it was a great one!
Hannah loves her classes so far. Her teachers are the same wonderful teachers as last year and her classes have near doubled in size. There was so much chaos at CFPAA Monday all you could do was freak out and run screaming or bask in the wonderful chaos before you. The teachers and workers all did their jobs with style and grace and control and smiles despite all of the things they were dealing with.

I made this card for "Mr. Joey". There is Not a single person at CFPAA who does not love Joey. He is a super nice guy always willing to help and encourage and joke around. I was coloring this image in last night and thinking "hot cuppa Joe" (the digis name) ... hot cuppa.... wait! I will make this for our Hot Cuppa Joe! HAHAHAH!!! I know this card may seem somewhat inappropriate for a 'guy' but I think Joey will like it and not take offense to it (or feel like I am hitting on him, lol!)  He could use a smile after this week. I am going to get some of the other moms to sign it as well.

Hope you all have a super wonderful Wednesday. I am off to get a shower, some IB and coffee :)
Many hugs and smiles!!!


  1. How very nice of you! i bet he will appreciate it. :) I loooove the orange and browns. Hope the kids become perfect little angels staring.... now! good luck! :)

  2. super cute that paper choice..He will love it..

  3. As always you use the perfect papers! I love Hot Cuppa Joe! He looks strong and like he can fix just about anything. Just like my DH except with more hair! LOL! Seriously this image is FAB!! Girl you can draw them!!!

  4. WOW!!! WHAT'a MAN!!!Super cute card,Joey will love it,I love it!!

  5. Hi Heather, I just love the orange, brown and blue! Mr Joey will certainly love this thoughtful card too. It's very flattering afterall! LOL! ;-)
    Hugs, Sheryl

  6. Haha haha ha ha, this post cracked me up! Love this super fun card!
    Great job as always!


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